Project Description

Temora Community Centre

Jodie has been volunteering with us updating graphic around the centre since 2017. Her expertise asserted us well in drawing attention to our Youth Workshop and events while also helping us with social media marketing that we wanted to continue working with her when she started her own business in 2019.

Jodie did not just help us with the design but also taught us to invasion designs we wanted for workshops and what target audience we were trying to attract. We soon worked out that posters made in Microsoft Office were not going to make do.


Design, Marketing


Design, Marketing


Elusive Dream Design

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Poster Design

Adults Arts and Craft 2018.png scaled
Take 90 Poster Design One 2 scaled
Teen Power Poster 2018.png scaled
Temora Community Centre Easter Craft Poster 2019.png scaled
Nathional Familes Week Poster 2018.png scaled
Child Protection Week.png scaled
Photography Group 2018.png scaled
Plates of Plenty Flyer PND Format scaled