I have been around enough small business to know that those who don’t have a strong brand will have very little credibility to stand up again great brands.

So give yourself a fighting chance before you even start. Branding doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg if done correctly. It’s when you invest your money into the wrong branding strategy or not create one at all, that it will leave you feeling like it’s been a waste of money rather than an investment.

What is Branding?

Is as little words as possible branding is creating an identity. It’s this identity that will help you build a reputation and draw attention to your first-time customers.

In a more in-depth look at branding:


Your reasoning for business. Why you created your business in the first place.


Just like you as human hold values, your business functions in the same way. It’s these values that will connect with your customers and help them understand what you really care about.


Having brand guidelines in place is what give your business a voice. Straying away from these can confuse a customer of your true intentions.

This does not mean Guidelines can’t change. Quite often they do. Just be sure to sit down with your team to review them and be sure to change your mission to match what it is you want to share.


I the face of the company. It’s this image that will help your customers identify your service or products.


Is a hub where customers can essentially find out everything there is to know about your business.


Analysing your brand in the perspective of your competition. This will help you find what makes you stand out.

Branding Takes Time

There’s no if or buts about it. Good branding takes time. I know it’s tempting to at times take shortcuts or believe your brand is not a priority and easier to outsource but these are common mistakes made by small business today that can often leave you feeling lost. This is the most popular reason why small business fail.

It’s ok to ask someone for help in refining your ideas, It’s what we are here for. But the hardest part will be taking to the time to develop your business message and values.

Where to Find a Logo

As you know a logo is an image that represents your brand. So many people opt for cheap logo sources such as Fiverr or 99designs but what you may not realise is using this site will cost you more money later.


You Get What You Pay For

When purchasing a design from fiver you commonly receive 3 files in return. JPG, PNG and design Mockup. In none of these files does it give you the original project file, ownership of the logo, Vector Files or a logo presentation on how they arrived at the fine design.

So how do you know they did the work in the first place…

Here’s another…

When choosing to work with a graphic designer in the future we commonly work with vector files. This allows us to scale the image and not lose quality. Because none of the file formats above (JPG, PNG) allows us to do this. We commonly have to spend extra time image tracing the file and creating the vector file ourselves, in turn, will mean more outlay of money.

Not Always Original

A common theme I have had with my clients in the past when paying for a logo on Fiverr or 99designs is that months later after:

Designing and printing business cards, letterheads, brochure

Designing and printing business cards, letterheads, brochure
  • Design Cost: $250
  • Printing Cost: $288
Purchasing and embroidering uniforms
  • Setup Cost: $115
  • Printing Cost: $30 Per Shirt
Developing a website
  • Setup Cost: $500
  • Design Cost: $1000 – $4000

They have come to find their logo being used by another company.


I had a client recently reach out to me asking for me to design her a business card including her logo. When she sent it to me, I recognised the logo from another stock image website. I asked her where it was she got her logo and she linked me to the Fiverr portfolio. I ended up taking a screenshot of the original logo and sending it to her. She was furious and yet she could do nothing than pay for another logo.

It’s a huge risk making these shortcuts, especially when starting a small business.

So Where Do I Find a Graphic Designer?

Let’s Get Started

If you would like to have Elusive Dream Design, create your brand, I offer a free branding consultation. Bookings are available on the homepage of our website. There you will also find my design process, portfolio and design packages.

Design Process

My design process is completely outlined and made simple for your benefit. Everything from discovering the ins and outs of how your business works to designing touchpoints and 2-weeks support after handover.


A logo design from Elusive Dream Design cost $300+GST. It’s certainly isn’t cheap but it’s an investment that won’t leave you regretting your $5 logo purchase and best of all YOU OWN YOUR LOGO.

My Promise

Helping other small businesses succeed is at the heart of my design business. I want to help you achieve your business dreams, through beautiful design and effective branding.

Please be sure to view my portfolio, book yourself a branding consultation and I look forward to seeing you soon.